Identifying Stressors

We all experience moments of self-doubt, insecurity and even uselessness. It is important to understand that these thoughts should be temporary, short-lived, and infrequent. If you think you spend too much time focusing on any one or more of these thoughts that cause stress, then you may want to try to find a way to stop being so hard on yourself. Talking to a loved one is a good place to start. However, it is important to understand that professional counseling is available and can be enormously helpful for some people who are stressed-out or depressed. Do not feel like there's something wrong with you for thinking these thoughts - just be open to the possibility that there are different ways to think about yourself that may make you a happier person. 

Awareness of Stressors

Sometimes, an awareness of our major stressors helps us cope with stress itself. Major stressors in your life probably include some of the following:

  • people
  • money
  • work
  • body
  • mind
  • leisure
  • perceived loss

Thoughts That Cause Stress

Furthermore, it's helpful to be aware of thoughts that can cause you additional stress. Here are some example of stressful thoughts:

  • Making mistakes is terrible.
  • It is essential to be loved by everyone.
  • I must always be competent.
  • Every problem has a perfect solution.
  • If others criticize me, I must have done something wrong.
  • I can't change the way I think.
  • I must rarely show weakness or cry.
  • Strong people do not ask for help.
  • Everything is within my control.
  • Other people should see things the same way I do.
  • People should do what I want because they love me.
  • The world ought to be fair.
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