Contact Information

For more information, please contact Rebecca Reutlinger at 303.728.6576 or

Past Honorees

1980 Alice King
1981 Arthur Spiegel
1982 EDward L. Jory
1983 Ray B. Powell
1984 Senator Pete V. Domenici
1985 Manuel Lujan, U.S. Representative
1988 George Baldwin
1989 William G. "Bing" Grady
1990 Charles S. Lanier
1992 George S. "Sky" Jenks
1993 Governor Bruce King
1994 Al Narath
1995 Congressman Steven H. Schiff
1996 Governor Gary Johnson
1997 Wilson Hurley
1998 Larry D. Willard
1999 Sherman McCorkle
2000 Betty Sabo and Ben Montoya
2001 Eileen & Roy Bidwell and Elsie & Henry Jaramillo
2002 Debbie & Rick Johnson
2003 Joan Woodard and C. Paul Robinson
2004 Loretta Armenta and Don Chalmers
2005 Congresswoman Healther Wilson and Dr. Daniel Lopez
2006 Dr. Breda Bova and Mr. Michael R. Stanford
2007 Vern Raburn and Cheryl Willman, M.D.
2008 Kathleen Avila and Jeff Sterba
2009 Jamie & John Lewinger and Diana & Chester French Stewart
2010 Clara Apodaca and Dale Dekker
2011 Virginia & Edward Lujan and Mary & Robert Matteucci, Sr.
2012 Adelmo "Del" Archuleta and Garrey Garruthers
2013 The DiGregorio Family and THe Gardenswartz Family
2014 Joanne Fine, Michael Keleher, Thomas Keleher, William Keleher and Al & Susan Unser

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