Clinical Diagnostics

National Jewish Health physicians and researchers are at the forefront of a new era in healthcare that embraces a personalized, preventive approach to medicine. We understand the importance of early detection and advanced diagnostics.

National Jewish Health provides both general and specialized diagnostics for clients locally and throughout the world. We offer state-of-the-art clinical and research assays, pathology consultative services, minimally invasive diagnostic procedures, cutting-edge imaging technology, and unique pulmonary function tests.

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Cardiology Test Order Form (external) (PDF)
We provide comprehensive cardiology evaluation and consultation and non-invasive cardiac testing.

Clinical Laboratories (ADx)
Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories is an integrated esoteric laboratory that translates science into personalized medicine . Search our online test menu.

Institute for Advanced Biomedical Imaging
Imaging Order Forms
We offer cutting-edge imaging technology (general and cardiac) in combination with some of the best chest radiologists. Our imaging technology includes PET/CT, 128 slice CT, DEXA, MRI, Echocardiography and more.

Pulmonary Physiology Services (PPS)
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Pulmonary Physiology Request Form (PDF)
We offer physicians and their patients state-of-the-art pulmonary diagnostic testing to assist with evaluation and treatment of patients. Testing includes exercise tests, pulmonary function test, gas exchanges tests, laryngoscopy and more

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Featured Research

New Target Identified for Food Allergy Therapy

Researchers at National Jewish Health have identified an enzyme that is essential to the allergic reaction to peanuts. Blocking the enzyme’s activity in sensitized mice prevented diarrhea and inflammation and reduced levels of several proteins associated with allergies. Read about this enzyme.

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Faculty by Research

The discoveries made in the laboratories at National Jewish Health have a profound impact on the understanding and treatment of human disease.

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