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Certifications & Licenses

National Jewish Health® Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories is accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) - including the prestigious CAP 15189TM (ISO 15189) accreditation - and has CLIA certification through the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories also maintains current licensure or permits, as required by state or local agencies.

CAP 15189 Accreditation (pdf) CAP #2178901
CAP College of American Pathologists (pdf)  LAP: 2178901
AUD-ID: 1186708
CLIA Certificate of Accreditation (pdf) CLIA ID: 06D0644307
Pennsylvania Department of Health Lab ID# 028892
State of California Department of Health Lab ID# COS 800130
State of Florida (pdf) Licence#: 800026680
State of Maryland Department of Health (pdf) Permit Number: 1201
State of New York Department of Health (pdf) PFI: 4749
State of New York Endocrinology Testing (pdf)  
State of New York Laboratory Director Patsy Giclas, PhD (pdf)  
State of New York Laboratory Director Ron Harbeck, PhD (pdf)  
State of New York Laboratory Director Lisa Maier, MD (pdf) MAIERL1
State of New York Laboratory Director Karin Pacheco, MD (pdf)  
State of New York Laboratory Director Max Salfinger, MD, FIDSA, FAAM (pdf)  
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (pdf) LE00249A-0
CDC Permit Permit: 2013-12-123
General and Professional Liability Insurance Certificate (pdf) NA
Federal Tax I.D. 74-2044647

National Jewish Health Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories perform tests compliant with GLP for non-clinical studies, FDA 21, CFR, Part 58, upon request from our clients.