We are glad that you are looking into Morgridge Academy for your child. Below you will find some information about the enrollment process and how it works. If at any time during the enrollment process you have questions, please call the school office.

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Enrolling in Morgridge Academy

The enrollment process usually starts with a phone conversation with our enrollment coordinator. She gathers some basic information, such as the name, age and grade of the student as well as the student's type of chronic illness. At that point, she will let the parent/guardian know if it sounds like Morgridge Academy would be a good fit and, if so, will set up an appointment.

At the appointment, the enrollment coordinator will do an interview with the family to get some basic family and medical history. While the parent/guardian is filling out some basic paperwork, our child advocate will test the student to see where he/she performs academically. Our school counselor will also get to know your student on a personal level by asking basic questions such as "What is your favorite color?" and "Who is your best friend?"  Once those interviews are complete, the family will receive a tour of the school, meet some of the staff and will be able to ask questions. You can also submit this information online, using our Web Inquiry Form.

The enrollment committee then meets to discuss if Morgridge Academy is the right place for the student and will give the parent/guardian a call with their decision. The process usually takes 1-3 weeks from the initial phone call.



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