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How Should you Measure your Research Impact?

Publishers, funders, promotion committees and researchers use metrics–like impact factor or h-index–to assess how pivotal research was in a given community. Learn about new metrics to assess impact.

New Permissions Allow Nature Article Sharing

Nature announced this month a new content-sharing policy. The policy allows all research papers within the publication to be shared by subscribers to anyone via a screen-view format. Read more.

LexiComp Mobile

It will look familiar to you because UpToDate uses a limited version of Lexi-Comp for drug content. See how to get mobile access.

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Interlibrary Loan

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  • Phone: (303) 398-1482
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Evaluating your Library

Publications and presentations by Rosalind Dudden

Online Journals

Information about access, pricing, license agreeements, and features of online journals.

Database Elements

Elements for tracking the acquisition and display of e-journals

Using the Macintosh Chooser and File Server System to get Applications

Faculty Publications

Glottic configuration in patients with exercise-induced stridor: a new paradigm. PubMed

Molecular biomarkers in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. PubMed

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