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Head and Neck Cancer Program

As the nation’s leading respiratory hospital we are focused on the entire airway. In addition to our lung cancer program, we also diagnose and treat cancers of the head and neck areas. Similar to lung cancer, the most common cause of head and neck cancer is tobacco use, but alcohol and the human papillomavirus (HPV) also can be factors.

Head and Neck Cancer includes:

  • Nose, nasal cavity, sinuses
  • Mouth, lips, tongue, salivary glands
  • Throat, larynx, vocal cords

Our Head and Neck Cancer Program offers a full range of treatment options:

  • Multidisciplinary clinicians and researchers dedicated to cancer prevention, detection and treatment
  • Expedited and accurate diagnoses with advanced technology
  • Advanced treatment options including chemotherapy and minimally invasive procedures provided onsite
  • Radiation therapy and surgery are coordinated by our team but performed at other hospitals
  • Behavioral healthcare for the patient and the whole family
  • Onsite, full-service rehabilitation program
  • Palliative procedures and counseling
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Coordinated care that is personalized to your health
Learn more about the cancer programs and services we offer on the Division of Oncology page.
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